Final Thoughts: Helping Dez, Boosting The Run Game, D-Line Rotation – Dallas Cowboys News

Final Thoughts: Helping Dez, Boosting The Run Game, D-Line Rotation – Dallas Cowboys News

FRISCO, Texas – It feels strange to write this after the weekend, rather than before – but that’s the schedule that goes with Monday Night Football.

After a long wait, we know have our first chance to watch the Cowboys since that forgettable outing in Denver. It doesn’t look any easier this week, with another tough defense and another rowdy road stadium on the docket in Arizona.

It’ll be on the Cowboys to start better than they did last week if they’re going to get the result they want. With that in mind, here’s what I’m looking for when kickoff finally arrives.


  • After two weeks of dealing with quality cornerbacks, I would expect Scott Linehan to come up with some creative ways to generate open space for Dez Bryant. The Cardinals will counter with Patrick Peterson and he will likely travel everywhere that Bryant goes. One of the best ways that offenses buy space for their receivers is by positioning and moving them within the formation. Traditionally, Bryant has played on the outside, but I could see a change this week. Linehan could choose to put Bryant in some tight bunch formations and then scatter from that. The other way I mentioned is to put him on the move with motion. This would give Bryant the opportunity to get moving and would keep Peterson’s hands off him. Regardless of which method Linehan chooses, it is something that he knows he has to do in order to help his receiver.
  • I believe we’re going to see some different defensive front combinations for the Cowboys this week with Damontre’ Moore back in the lineup. Moore can play either side of the line at defensive end and some…

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