Detroit Lions coach Jim Caldwell on nixed TD — ‘Over and done with’ – Detroit Lions News

Detroit Lions coach Jim Caldwell on nixed TD — ‘Over and done with’ – Detroit Lions News

ALLEN PARK, Mich. — Detroit Lions coach Jim Caldwell had no interest in complaining Monday about the overturned Golden Tate touchdown and consequent 10-second runoff that turned his team from winners to losers against the Atlanta Falcons.

Caldwell dismissed questions about whether there should have been more than 10 seconds on the clock when the play was stopped — which would have given Detroit more time. Caldwell said there were eight seconds remaining on the clock.

“I think everybody can split hairs and look at it differently and all that kind of stuff,” Caldwell said. “I like to deal with reality, and the reality of it is it doesn’t do any good to complain about it. Doesn’t do any good to say ‘maybe,’ ‘perhaps.’ It’s over and done with. We lost the game.

“They applied the rule as the rule stood correctly, and that’s it. End of story.”

Caldwell said plays typically take four seconds to run; the final play of the game started with 12 seconds left. He said the Lions had not specifically used a stopwatch to time the length of the final play, but that they have an idea of how long it should take because of their work on clock management.

Caldwell also declined to say why the Lions chose to run a play theoretically designed to have the first read be short of the end zone. Tate, the receiver on the play, appeared to be impeded on what seemed to be a timing route. Caldwell declined to say whether Tate was supposed to be in the end zone if the play had been completely clean.


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