Media feeds into New York Giants coaching lunacy – New York Giants News

Media feeds into New York Giants coaching lunacy – New York Giants News

Plain and simple, the quarterback position depends on the other players, more so than any other sport.

A hockey goaltender and baseball pitcher come close, but it’s still not the same. So when the New York Giants staff spends another week trying to spread the blame for offensive futility, it makes you wonder. This week head coach Ben McAdoo insisted (again) that it’s a group effort.

In the same week, offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan tacked some blame on veteran quarterback Eli Manning. Maybe this is Sullivan’s way of thanking Manning for the two Super Bowl rings that he has.

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Say, what?

This is what McAdoo had to say earlier this week in advance of the Detroit Lions contest, according to the team’s official website.

Q: After an offseason of saying that the offensive line is improved, what happens now after Week One when there was no improvement?
A: We keep working to get better. But, again, everyone keeps pointing to the offensive line. There was enough to go around. We have to work this week to improve. It’s one week.

Q: Does the blame start with the offensive line?
A: No.

Fair enough, but most coaches say (rightfully so) that it all starts up front with the offensive line. And most fans would naturally assume that the offensive line, as well as the entire team, continues to work to get better. Right now, no one questions the effort. The questions come in the form of trying to decide if these offensive linemen have the capacity to improve.

It surely does not seem like it.

Sullivan weighs in

There seems to be a lot of chatter around the New York Giants these days. Clearly,…

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