Josh McCown will not have quick hook unless injured – New York Jets News

Josh McCown will not have quick hook unless injured – New York Jets News

Despite our want to see the kids, don’t expect a short leash for New York Jets quarterback Josh McCown anytime soon.

Josh McCown is a name in the crosshairs of New York Jets fans everywhere. The reason? Simply put, everybody already knows what he is. He’s a journeyman quarterback that has been on a lot of teams for a reason. He’s accurate at times, but has never won anywhere and has been a turnover machine as of late. He is currently the starter, but his role is mainly seen to help young quarterbacks Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg prepare to be better NFL quarterbacks.

But the fact is he is who he is. McCown is a quarterback with limited upside who will basically maintain the status quo until the young quarterbacks get their shot. This week, the Jets take on the Oakland Raiders out in Oakland. New York always has a tough time with the trip to the other coast and this one serves to be extra dangerous. Nobody gives the Jets a chance and people believe it could be a laugher.

With that possibility of a blowout, we have to question how long McCown is good for in this game. Could he be on a short leash? Frankly, he could be, but I don’t believe that he will be. Not that putting him on one would be unreasonable. Don’t look for it to happen.

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Michael Pallas of the Jet Press penned an interesting article on why McCown should be on the short list. Michael is absolutely right about taking chances. The offense was very conservative against the Bills. If they are going to have any chance to compete with the Raiders, they must take their shots down the field.

If McCown consistently takes the…

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