Indianapolis Colts Week 1 Rookie Report – Indianapolis Colts News

Indianapolis Colts Week 1 Rookie Report – Indianapolis Colts News

As much as I would like to pretend like Week 1 never happened (Scott Tolzien who?) we can’t ignore the facts of the matter, this franchise is in trouble. At least until Andrew Luck, the savior, comes back.

Anyhow, let’s not focus on that, let’s put a microscope on the newbies of the roster and see how they did against the Los Angeles Rams.

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Our own Chris Blystone wrote a nice work-up on Marlon Mack’s day that is a must read. Looking at the tape, Mack had some issues, specifically the fumble he had early on, but overall he provided a spark to the offense that’s been missing from the running back position for quite some time.

He scored 2* touchdowns in his professional debut and did a little bit of everything else as well.

Mack should get a larger workload when the game still matters moving forward. I wouldn’t be surprised if he found a bigger role in the offense than Frank Gore by the end of the season, and though I love Gore, I’m hoping this will be the case sooner rather than later.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Los Angeles Rams

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Hooker’s first half wasn’t great, he had enormous trouble taking on blocks, he was getting beat in man to man coverage and he just wasn’t playing as fast as he has shown he’s capable of on tape. This is all understandable considering the amount of time he missed during the off-season and because he’s still relatively new to the position.

However, a lot of this…

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