An Interesting Day In The Kelce Household – Philadelphia Eagles News

An Interesting Day In The Kelce Household – Philadelphia Eagles News

Technically, it’s not the first time that the Kelce brothers have faced each other in a game. This past January at the Pro Bowl, Jason and Travis Kelce were on opposite sidelines as each brother earned his second trip to the all-star game. Today, however, marks the first time the brothers square off in a regular-season game. The two were teammates all the way through college. Back in 2013, Travis Kelce was sidelined with a knee injury keeping the matchup from happening.

The day will be the toughest for Jason and Travis’ parents, Ed and Donna. These interviews are from an episode of the Eagles Insider podcast last season detailing what it was like raising two outstanding NFL players.

Donna Kelce

How did you develop two tremendously successful young men?

“I think the first thing was to make sure they’re doing what they absolutely love to do. At least in the off time. They always have to go to school but find out what they really love to do because if you like what you’re doing you will excel at it. That’s pretty much it. We wanted to keep them busy to cut down on all the broken windows in the house. Basically, keep them moving, keep them busy and keep them occupied, and make sure they’re always moving. They didn’t watch a lot of TV when they were growing up.”

How much trouble did they get into around the house?

“There was a lot. Probably as most boys do. There’s a lot of ranting, a lot of jabbing, a lot of fighting, and that’s what spurred both of them on. I think because they’re both extremely athletic. Jason was obviously the older one and he won a lot just by sheer size.

“You know they’re loud and…

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