Why the Detroit Lions will beat the New York Giants Monday night – Detroit Lions News

Why the Detroit Lions will beat the New York Giants Monday night – Detroit Lions News

Here’s why I believe the Detroit Lions will defeat the New York Giants at home this Monday night in primetime.

The Detroit Lions had a big win last week against the visiting Arizona Cardinals in Week One, but on Monday Night head to New York to face Giants. The Giants are coming off a brutal beatdown at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys, who absolutely smashed the Giants offense, 19-3.

Normally, facing a team coming off a loss in their home stadium spells trouble, but I’m leaning towards a Lions victory in this one. Here’s why:

Odell Beckham is Still Injured

The Giants biggest weapon is their star wide receiver, Odell Beckham, Jr. The talented player is nursing an injury. Beckham is supposed to be playing on Monday night. However, a sprained ankle is a tough recovery, especially for a guy who relies on burst and quickness as such a big part of his game.

Even if Beckham does play, I believe it won’t be at the high level that NFL fans are used to seeing from this star. The injury—even if it is mostly healed—makes Beckham a little bit less of a threat.

The Giant Defense, Yes…

New York’s defense can play with anyone, and with the Lions’ shoddy run game, they will be teeing off on quarterback Matthew Stafford on most downs. Stafford will need to take advantage of short, quick passes, and hope that his receivers can make plays, because the Giant defense is loaded. The Lions can’t afford to start offensively like they did last week, because points will be harder to come by this week.

The Giants Offense…Well…

Giants quarterback Eli Manning can still sling it, but he’s not terribly mobile. His best weapon is…

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