Is the AFC East theirs for the taking? – Miami Dolphins News

Is the AFC East theirs for the taking? – Miami Dolphins News

The Miami Dolphins are an up-and-coming team yet to play this season, but with AFC East rivals looking weak in Week 1, could the division be theirs to take?

Tom Brady was winning Super Bowls since before some kids who are currently in high school were born. They have been the powerhouse of the AFC East and the NFL for that matter. However, after a shaky Week 1, could the Pats be ripe for the picking by an up-and-coming young Miami Dolphins team?

Aside from personal injury woes and a lack of bye week, there is reason for optimism in Miami. The Phins are the only team we haven’t seen play yet and what we have seen out of their division rivals has been less than spectacular.

The New York Jets look as bad as advertised and the Buffalo Bills have only proven they can beat the lowly Jets. The Bills haven’t made the playoffs this century, so they have to do more than knock off the Jets before anyone believes in them and they aren’t exactly loaded with dynamic talent. So let’s just write both of those teams off now.

Meanwhile, the Pats were beaten handily by the Kansas City Chiefs as they were picked apart by Alex Smith, who threw for a whopping 368 yards and four touchdowns. Yes, that Alex Smith. The defense looked bad and a 40-year old Tom Brady looked very human.

We just recently saw Peyton Manning fall from grace with one of the worst NFL season’s in recent memory when he threw nine touchdowns to 17 interceptions. Could this be the beginning of the end of Brady and the Patriots dynasty?

Unfortunately the answer is more than likely “not yet”. We’ve seen Brady take a beating like this from the Chiefs in 2014 and…

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