How expensive is it to follow the Buffalo Bills? – Buffalo Bills News

How expensive is it to follow the Buffalo Bills? – Buffalo Bills News

The Buffalo Bills haven’t made the playoffs since falling to the Tennessee Titans in the Music City Miracle during the 1999 season, but despite a league-high 17-year playoff drought, the Bills rank among the most expensive teams to follow during the 2017 season.

According to the organization HometoGo, Bills fans will pay $5,340.14 if they were to attend all 16 home and away regular-season games. That cost includes a ticket to every game, game day accommodations (hotel for one night), transportation (flights for destinations greater than five hours away, driving for destinations that are less than five hours away), and snacks (one beer and one hot dog) inside the stadium for one person. Transportation and accommodations are for away games, only.

Buffalo ranks sixth among the 32 teams in terms of most expensive franchises to follow. The Arizona Cardinals lead this dubious category, with their fans having to pay $6,774.21 per person to follow the team this year, more than $547 higher than the second-place Jacksonville Jaguars ($6,226.36).

The rest of the top five includes the New Orleans Saints ($5,771.93), the Green Bay Packers ($5,385.49), and the Los Angeles Rams ($5,347.84).

Buffalo fans will have to pay the most money of any fan base for their hot dogs ($99.50), the sixth-most for transportation ($2,746.00), and the seventh-most for their beers ($129.50).

On the positive side, Buffalo is ranked 11th-best in terms of affordable tickets ($1,435.30), and 12th-best for game day accommodations ($929.84).

After Buffalo, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are seventh in total cost ($5,305.94), followed by the Baltimore…

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