Fantasy Football Weekly: Bucs-Bears – Tampa Bay Buccaneers News

Fantasy Football Weekly: Bucs-Bears – Tampa Bay Buccaneers News

Buccaneers football is back – finally, belatedly, blessedly back – and that means a number of Tampa Bay player are about to make an impact on fantasy football leagues across the country. Also back: Our weekly take on what you, the fantasy team owner, should expect from the upcoming Buccaneers game. Given the continued development of third-year quarterback Jameis Winston and his suddenly supercharged group of targets, the Bucs may be more fantasy relevant in 2017 than any season before.

One thing about our “Fantasy Football Weekly” column is new this year, however, and you know what it is if you glanced at the byline above. For several years, fantasy football guru Andrew Norton has been sharing his advice with Bucs fans, often backed up by a deep dive into NFL statistics, fantasy scoring history and the like. Norton’s pointers were nothing if not well-researched.

Well, Andrew has now moved on to a new professional challenge, which means this year you’ll be getting your Buccaneer fantasy advice from me. But you know what? That’s okay. Last year Andrew and I were in one fantasy football league together and I won it, while he came in…what’s that…sixth? Ouch. Clearly, I’m better at this than he is, so you’re in good hands.

(Editor’s Note: Andrew may not work at One Buc Place anymore, but he’s still dialed into fantasy football because, really, it’s a sickness. This is his response to the above:

“It’s a little bittersweet leaving before what looks to be a Bucs season full of incredible fantasy football performances. I obviously leave you in good (and yes, championship-winning) hands with Scott Smith taking over. Thanks…

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