Bills coach Sean McDermott shines in … pingpong? – Buffalo Bills News

Bills coach Sean McDermott shines in … pingpong? – Buffalo Bills News

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The voice is unmistakable. Jordan Mills is so used to hearing it, he can’t help but laugh to himself whenever it travels all the way from the other side of the Buffalo Bills’ dressing room to his cubicle.

It’s loud enough to rise above the din of chatter, laughter, music booming from the big speakers on the floor, audio from the televisions on the walls.


The offensive tackle nods, knowing that particular yell can only mean one of two things: Sean McDermott has either won a pingpong match against one of the other players or has slammed home a decisive shot from his end of the table.

That’s right. The 43-year-old head coach of the Bills, Mr. Discipline and Accountability himself, is right in there sharing leisure time with his players.

Competing. Talking trash. Having fun.

Yes, this is the same guy who had the pool table and video games removed from the same locker room. He wryly cited “ball skills” as the reason the pingpong table remained, but now it’s clear he had an ulterior motive. Pingpong happens to be a game McDermott loves to play as much as anyone else on the team and he fully intended to make use of that certain piece of recreational equipment as much as the apparatus he uses during his ultra-intense early morning workouts.

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Of all of the changes that have occurred since McDermott’s arrival last January, all of the roster upheaval and general tightening of what had been a very loose ship, his regular…

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