3 Areas The Denver Broncos Must Show Consistency On Offense – Denver Broncos News

3 Areas The Denver Broncos Must Show Consistency On Offense – Denver Broncos News

This past Monday night, through three quarters, the Denver Broncos offense was showing the most promise they’ve shown since maybe the 2014 season. Both the run and pass game were working in unison to keep the Los Angeles Chargers guessing on what would come next.

Unfortunately, the Broncos weren’t quite able to put together a full game, with the two turnovers in the fourth quarter, making the game a lot closer than it ever should have been.

Even with the promise the offense showed, most in the national media still do not believe in the Broncos offense. This was revealed in the power rankings that so many major media outlets released this week.


Some even dropped the Broncos several spots after a win citing the lack of belief in the offense to do much this year as a big reason why. Most still believe the Broncos defense will be formidable, but struggle to believe the defense will be good enough to carry the team to another Super Bowl like they did back in 2015.

I can understand the lack of belief in the offense long-term. In fact, I want to see a bit more before fully believing this offense is different than what the Broncos have produced over the last two years. In the NFL, any team (maybe minus the New York Jets) can put together one game that promises that a weakness the year before can be a strength for the team this time around.

There are three encouraging areas on offense that I want to see the Broncos prove they can do consistently. If they can sustain success in these areas leading up to the Week 5 bye, I for one will have a lot more belief in Denver’s odds of finding success this…

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