Wide receivers not the main problem vs Falcons – Chicago Bears News

Wide receivers not the main problem vs Falcons – Chicago Bears News

While the lack of Chicago Bears playmaking wide receivers got the attention in their Week 1 loss, that wasn’t the main trouble.

The Chicago Bears did pretty well in their Week 1 matchup against the defending NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons. They took them to the end, but ultimately fell short by one play. Many blame the lack of playmaking wide receivers. They say the receivers couldn’t get open downfield.

Yes, the Bears have a huge problem at wide receiver. There are no players on the unit who have the size and/or speed to get the separation to make big plays. Add to that the fact that Kevin White is probably done for the season (again) and possibly forever in Chicago, and the troubles continue.

That, however, doesn’t absolve the other players from their own failings.

The receivers did get open on several occasions but quarterback Mike Glennon‘s inability to go through his progressions and a couple of bad plays by the offensive line prevented the right play to occur. The play-calling also left something to be desired.

I don’t know if Glennon doesn’t trust his line completely or what, but he checked down to the short passes a ton of times. Since he can’t move around in the pocket, he apparently feels the need to get rid of the ball quickly. That happened too much in quarters one, two, and three. In the fourth, when the Bears got down, the offense opened up a bit and they made some big plays.

Lorin Cox of Bearswire (part of USAToday Sports) wrote about how Glennon didn’t find the open receiver downfield. Here is what he wrote on this particular play:

Screenshot via NFL Game Pass

This play in the fourth quarter is a…

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