Tom Brady Press Conference Transcript 9/13 – New England Patriots News

Tom Brady Press Conference Transcript 9/13 – New England Patriots News

Q: Since 2003, you guys are 42-6 following a loss. Why are you guys so good at bouncing back after tough losses?

TB: I don’t know. I don’t know. Hopefully we can just go play better than we played last week. We’re playing a real good team on the road so it’s going to take a big effort. We’ve got a big challenge and hopefully we can get to 1-1. 

Q: Your message to your team was clear after the loss to Kansas City. How have your teammates responded?

TB: We’ll see. I mean Sunday is the important day. We have two more days to prepare – three more days then two more days of practice. I mean we’ll see.

Q: You spoke about your team’s attitude last week. Do you think your team’s attitude is in the right place this week?

TB: I hope so. I hope so. Again, we work pretty hard for three hours a week. We’ve got to be at our best mentally, physically, emotionally. This team really tests you. They play very well at home. We didn’t play very well last time we went down there. We kind of got our butt kicked. So it’s a tough environment. It’s their home opener. We’re going to be challenged in a big way so we’ve got to meet the challenge. 

Q: You and Drew Brees have a history that goes back to the Big Ten days. What do you remember about meeting him and going up against him since?

TB: Yeah, we played them in my senior year in the Big House [Michigan Stadium] and we beat him. And then he’s had a great career. He was a year younger than me and came out and did a great job with San Diego and has done a great job with New Orleans. I think so much of him and his consistency [and] what he brings to the team. He’s just a great player and he has…

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