Texans fans in Cincinnati thankful for Hurricane Harvey help – Houston Texans News

Texans fans in Cincinnati thankful for Hurricane Harvey help – Houston Texans News

Thursday night’s Bengals game means a great deal to fans wanting to bring home their first regular season win, but for Texans fans, the game may mean even more.

Houston Texans fans already in town Wednesday night were dressed from head to toe in the team’s red and blue colors.

But with their game faces ready, their hearts are with those devastated by Hurricane Harvey back home.

“We plan all of this way in advance, and of course we had no idea we were going to have a hurricane and the issues that we’ve had at home,” said Pamela Irby of Houston.

Many of the fans in town have loved ones who lost everything.

Kimie Smolick’s sister was stranded in her home after Hurricane Harvey hit. A rescue boat came and saved her, her husband, two sons with special needs and her dogs from the rising floodwaters.

“Her dogs, her kids, and her husband on this boat, and it gave me chills when I had saw it,” Smolick said.

Smolick traveled to Cincinnati to support her Texans play the Bengals on Thursday night for a brief distraction from the devastation.

“It gets your mind off things, going to watch the game and stuff like that,” Smolick said.

“This flood, took away everything, everything,” said Gonzales.

Many say amid the devastation, they’ve been amazed at the kindness of others, including Houston Texans’ JJ Watt.

“We’re just fortunate and grateful and thankful to all of the cities that are doing things for the people of Texas. Not just Houston, but the whole state of Texas,” said Thomas Irby of Houston.

“It’s just so nice to know that we can come together when people really need it,”…

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