Lazar: Patriots have a history of slipups in September – New England Patriots News

Lazar: Patriots have a history of slipups in September – New England Patriots News

The season did not start out as planned for the defending Super Bowl champions.

The 15-point loss the Patriots suffered at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs represented the largest margin of defeat at home for a Tom Brady-led squad since 2005. It was an ugly night, as evidenced by the Patriots surrendering high-water marks in points (42) and total yards (537) in the Bill Belichick era.

But history shows the Patriots in the Belichick era have been known to experience a few slipups early in the season. And there’s a trend over the last 16-plus seasons that suggests that things will get considerably better over the course of the season.

In fact, September happens to be the worst month for the Patriots since 2001, the year Tom Brady became the starter. Of course, since the Patriots have an overall win percentage of .763 in that time, their “worst” September mark of .698 is relative.

In addition to hosting the Pats’ lowest win percentage of any month in the regular season, September was also home to some of the worst losses the team has endured over that span. Among the most notable were the 31-0 loss to the Bills on Sept. 7, 2003, the 41-14 loss at Kansas City on Sept. 29, 2014, and the 38-13 loss to the Dolphins in the game that introduced the wildcat fad on Sept. 21, 2008.

The Patriots tend to shake off the rust though, as the team’s win percentage in the month of December, for example, is a staggering .853 since 2001.

Yet their history with slow starts is even more exaggerated on the defensive side of the ball.

The defense has allowed roughly 20 points per game in September since 2001, compared to 16…

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