Get used to playing under a microscope – New York Giants News

Get used to playing under a microscope – New York Giants News

Say what you want about former Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, he knew how to insulate his team from pressure.

Right now, these New York Giants are under a great deal of pressure to get a win against the Detroit Lions. Yet the pain the team feels right now was self-inflicted.

Moving onto Monday night, hopefully the squad can pull together, and get it done. Any type of win relieves pressure, so this game doesn’t have to be a thing of beauty. In fact, it’s hard to imagine the G-Men playing a pristine game against Detroit, or anyone for that matter.

But no one has asked for perfection either.

Instead of blaming the fans and media, the entire operation needs to be professional about the current state of affairs. Do the players think that Giants fans are double-agents? Secretly rooting for the Cowboys behind the Giants back, so they can go to the office and complain.

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Fact: the New York Giants honored fans with an opening season dud. Now, every loud-mouth Dallas Cowboys fan in the tri-state area gets to gloat. Heck, Dallas fans ran their traps when the Giants swept the season series last year.

If the New York Giants want to win back fans, start by playing better.

Critique or evaluation?

Quite frankly, it’s taken a while for the media and fan base to wake up. Based on the comments, the players must have been looking for some “atta boys” this week. The Ben McAdoo coach-speak bought them time, and the team didn’t take advantage of it. Instead they laid an egg and got criticized.

Time to look in the mirror.

For an extended period, this team, players and coaches, have had it both…

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