Chicago Bears Sackwatch 2017: Week 1 vs Atlanta Falcons – Chicago Bears News

Chicago Bears Sackwatch 2017: Week 1 vs Atlanta Falcons – Chicago Bears News

This is probably my favorite, and my least favorite, weekly feature that I do here at Windy City Gridiron. I love it, because it’s fun to take a magnifying glass to the pass protection, in particular the offensive line. But I hate it because the longer my column gets, the more the Bears’ quarterbacks are getting smacked around, and that usually leads to a loss.

I’d be completely content in finding other way’s to get my Xs&Os fix on every week, so hopefully their pass protection finds a way to start shutting out pass rushers.

Here’s how things have looked through the years…

Sackwatch After Week 1:

2010 Sacks – 4 (Martz)
2011 Sacks – 5 (Martz)
2012 Sacks – 2 (Tice)
2013 Sacks – 0 (Trestman)
2014 Sacks – 2 (Trestman)
2015 Sacks – 2 (Gase)
2016 Sacks – 5 (Loggains)
2017 Sacks – 4 (Loggains)

And now let’s get down to the nitty gritty

Sack 1 – First Quarter :04 – Vic Beasley
Let’s forget for a second that Beasley was available when the Bears took wide out Kevin White with the seventh pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.



Bears’ quarterback Mike Glennon gets to the top of his drop on this third and eight play, and has to wait for a receiver. He then starts to drift forward, even though he still had a clean pocket. Had he stayed near the top of his drop, Falcon defensive end Vic Beasley, who began the play lined up in a nine-technique on Chicago’s right side, probably wouldn’t have been able to pick up the sack.

Beasley takes a little chuck from Bear tight end Zach Miller, then runs into right tackle Bobby Massie, before deciding to loop back behind the defensive tackle.

Then Glennon moves right into…

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