No such thing as normal – Jacksonville Jaguars News

No such thing as normal – Jacksonville Jaguars News

JACKSONVILLE – There’s no normal around Jacksonville this week.

Doug Marrone knows that’s true for the city and the Jaguars, so the Jaguars’ head coach said he will take the same approach this week as he did entering last week’s regular-season opener.

He won’t try to make normal from an abnormal situation.

And he’ll try to have the Jaguars’ prepare as best as possible in circumstances that remain stressful and anything but usual.

“I think when things are going on around you, it’s hard to say if things are going to be normal,” Marrone said Wednesday as the Jaguars (1-0) prepared to play the Tennessee Titans (0-1) at EverBank Field Sunday at 1 p.m.

The Jaguars remained in Houston through Tuesday following Sunday’s 29-7 victory over the Texans because of the ongoing effects of Hurricane Irma. NFL teams normally return home immediately following road games.

 “The first priority was to make sure to take care of the players, to make sure everything was safe,” Marrone said. “Yesterday [Tuesday], when we came in town, we told players if there were any issues to make sure they made us aware – no matter what it may have been.”

The Jaguars returned to practice Wednesday, the normal first game-planning and practice day of the week’s opponent.

“We understand things are going on around us,” Marrone said. “We understand we have a job to do. I wouldn’t call anything normal. People are trying to rebuild and we will rebuild. I can’t short what’s going on on the outside. …

“You talk about and we understand we have to practice. We focus on what we have to do in the moment.”


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