Top 3 things to know from Day 4 at Bills Camp – Buffalo Bills News

Top 3 things to know from Day 4 at Bills Camp – Buffalo Bills News

It’s a new defensive scheme, and it may be simpler. But it’s not easy. On Day 4 of Bills Training Camp, presented by Connors & Ferris, the defense made enough plays to demonstrate that they’re catching on.  And the offense continues to get in work on special situations at the start of practice.


That was one of Hall of Fame Coach Marv Levy’s famous axioms-“What it takes to win is simple. But it’s not easy.”

It sounds like that’s the plan for Buffalo’s new 4-3 defensive scheme under coordinator Leslie Frazier. He says he’s scaled back the calls and checks for his on-field defenders to make. But that doesn’t make it easy.

“It’s important that they’re confident about what they’re doing and not in the middle of a play wondering what my assignment is,” Frazier said before Sunday morning’s practice. “We haven’t necessarily dumbed it down, but it’s not going to tax them hopefully mentally to the point where they’re not able to focus and go out and play the way they need to play.”

Linebacker Preston Brown, the man who will relay the defensive calls to his teammates on the field, agrees.

“It’s definitely not an easy defense, but it’s something that we all are grasping well and moving forward with each day,” Brown said after Sunday’s workout. “It starts with the play call-it’s only a couple of words instead of really long sentences like we were doing last year.  There’s not as many checks.”


Sunday was another good day for the Buffalo defense with several big plays turned in. Midway through practice, QB Nathan…

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