Tom Savage impresses DeAndre Hopkins, connects – Houston Texans News

Tom Savage impresses DeAndre Hopkins, connects – Houston Texans News

Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins has been impressed by quarterback Tom Savage through the offseason and early training camp.

On the Houston Texans offense there is no more electrifying player than wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. Even with mediocre quarterback play the last couple years, Hopkins has managed to be among the best wide receivers in the NFL.

With both Tom Savage and rookie Deshaun Watson battling it out to toss him the ball, Hopkins should end up with a better signal caller than the Brock Osweiler mess from the year before. Early into training camp and he may have already found his preference.

After spending a portion of the offseason working with Savage in his hometown of Philadelphia, Hopkins has seen growth from the young quarterback. He said this,per The Houston Chronicle:

“We got together in Philadelphia and threw a couple days…That’s big because he’s the quarterback. He keeps the ship running, and I’m the No. 1 wide receiver. Everything goes though us…”

Hopkins elaborated and said:

“I think we’re at a good point. You can tell guys have been working in the offseason, doing things they needed to work on, and it showed today.”

Hopkins has not made a full-throated endorsement of either quarterback, but his connection to Savage may be the critical point that puts him over the top when evaluating how effective the offense can be immediately.

Savage seems to be impressing everyone, though. While the attention remains on Watson, Savage continues to quietly deliver:

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