Todd Downing gives insight into 2017 offense – Oakland Raiders News

Todd Downing gives insight into 2017 offense – Oakland Raiders News

Much is expected of the Oakland Raiders offense in 2017, and offensive coordinator Todd Downing gave some insight on the group at training camp.

Football has officially kicked off at Redwood Middle School in Napa, CA home of the Oakland Raiders 2017 training camp. Finally, fans and players alike can take a united deep breath and rejoice.

At the end of Sunday’s practice, offensive coordinator Todd Downing met with the media for a press conference. Downing first noted the team’s — specifically the offense, obviously — desire to improve from this point (per

“Everyone is unsatisfied, they want to get better.”

AFC West Champions or bust, Super Bowl Champions or bust. That’s a mighty big ask, especially for a first-year offensive coordinator inheriting the No. 6 offense in the league. In his first training camp as coordinator Downing appears up to the task and Raider Nation should be thrilled.

Downing offered on his quarterback Derek Carr, Amari Cooper and gave a small precursor of what to expect from the Raiders among many other things:

“It’s almost eerie sometimes how he and I can finish each other’s sentences…You don’t have to always be the one that says this is the way we’re going to do things or hey this is the way I want to see this. When you get to share that with your trigger man that’s a pretty special thing.”

Serving as a quarterbacks coach for three years before getting promoted to run the offense with the quarterback you have brought up since his rookie days is huge. Downing remains constant on his evaluation on the communication levels between him and his quarterback. Being…

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