The challenge of New York Giants quarterback competition – New York Giants News

The challenge of New York Giants quarterback competition – New York Giants News

The composition of the team’s quarterback room should interest fans.

That’s not to say that the signal caller position hamstrings the New York Giants. Clearly, it does not. Two-time Super Bowl Most Valuable Player (MVP) Eli Manning continues to lead the squad. But unlike the previous few season with Ryan Nassib, second in command is to be announced.

Training camps usually become the intersection of desires and reality. NFL coaches and general managers desire to get certain players on the field sooner rather than later. Such is the case with third-round draft pick Davis Webb. Whether or not he can handle the back-up QB role becomes an important storyline.

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But Webb’s development can’t be done in a vacuum either. In other words, the New York Giants cannot figure out Webb is not ready at the expense of Josh Johnson and Geno Smith.

Pitch Count

In previous seasons, Big Blue gave Manning plenty of repetitions. Nassib also saw plenty of action as well. Relief arms like Logan Thomas and Josh Freeman were brought onto the squad. They were considered longshots to make the squad, so everyone had a defined role.

This season, Manning continues with his role, with an eye on staying fresh at 36-years old. According to GiantsWire, general manager Jerry Reese overtly announced that Manning would be limited during camp.

“You have to really try to take care of guys as they get up in age,” Reese told reporters. “You can call it a pitch count. We want to make sure that he’s fresh going into the games and late in the year and hopefully going into the playoffs.”


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