Team not shying away from CTE study – New Orleans Saints News

Team not shying away from CTE study – New Orleans Saints News

With the NFL largely ignoring CTE and its existence for years, the New Orleans Saints talking about the disease is a refreshing change.

On July 25, the Journal of American Medical Associaton released results from studies NFL players, coaches and staff have found troubling. According to the data, 110 of the 111 brains studied had some form of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE. The league and most teams have ignored it, but the New Orleans Saints aren’t following suit.

During training camp, players and coaches were questioned about the study. One of the most outspoken players was defensive end Darryl Tapp. Tapp has been in the league since 2006, making him a rare commodity. The second-year player had this to say, via

“Things like that happen on a football field — this is a violent sport — but it does make you think about life after football a little bit, how your mental health and that aspect is doing…It’s definitely an interesting study. I will dive more into it when we get a few off days and once we break camp.”

Despite that, Tapp isn’t going to let it stop him from playing the game he loves.

The other player to comment on it was right tackle Zach Strief. Strief shared a different opinion than Tapp. He didn’t really say he believed in it, but also didn’t dismiss the study. He spoke candidly about how he believed the study was rigged in a way, also via

“That’s not a super clean study. It’s easy when someone is later in their life or experiences problems. I think that number is probably skewed; I don’t believe it’s 100 percent. That being said, to ignore what the realities…

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