Rick Dennison’s Buffalo Bills playbook: Texas concept – Buffalo Bills News

Rick Dennison’s Buffalo Bills playbook: Texas concept – Buffalo Bills News

Rick Dennison’s offensive playbook, in the vein of Gary Kubiak and Mike Shanahan, uses the principles of the West Coast offense – using timing and geometry to stress defenses and create holes for pass completion. In previous articles in this series, we’ve examined two staples of the Buffalo Bills rushing attack: Inside Zone and Outside Zone. Today we’re going to look at one of the classic plays in the west coast playbook: Texas.

Texas concept

The structure of “Texas” is to attack a defense by combining a deep route from the tight end with a shorter angle route by the running back, creating a stress point on the middle linebacker. It also aims to give the quarterback a relatively straightforward read that works against man and zone concepts. The most famous usage of this play, though, comes against Cover 2 defense.

When Mike Holmgren was coaching the Green Bay Packers, he made extensive use of this play against one team in particular: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and their Tampa 2 defense. Because the Tampa 2 asks its middle linebacker to sink back 15 yards and roam the field, this play would give his offense an easy five to seven yards every time it was run.

Texas, diagrammed

Let’s take a closer look at today’s play. From the 2004 Denver Broncos playbook, this play is called Far West Right Zoom 22 Scat Texas Hook.

An example of the Texas passing play

Far West Right Zoom

Right implies that the strength of the formation is to the right side. In a Zoom formation, one of the backs will be positioned toward the edge of the backfield,…

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