Predicting the 5 most surprising roster cuts of 2017 – Green Bay Packers News

Predicting the 5 most surprising roster cuts of 2017 – Green Bay Packers News

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When training camp is over and the 53-man roster has been set, these five Green Bay Packers players will be looking for new NFL homes.

Training camp is under way for the Green Bay Packers. That means, in just over a month, the team will be forced to trim their roster down to the 53-man limit. It’s going to be a crazy next few weeks as the Packers attempt to whittle down their list of candidates.

Trust me when I say that there will be some surprises. At least a couple of unknown, unheralded players will step into the spotlight and earn a roster spot during training camp. As a result, a few established players will be forced out of the door as a result of these unexpected breakout.

So who will these individuals be? Realistically, there are several candidates that fit the bill. However, the five players I’m going to be highlighting seem most likely to be asked to turn in their playbooks when the time comes. It’s not going to be easy for the Packers to let them go, but there are only so many roster spots to go around.

Still, at the end of the day, it needs to be done. Someone’s gotta go, and difficult decisions need to be made.

With that in mind, here are the five players I’m predicting will surprisingly be cut when the Packers set their 53-man roster in September. For one reason or another, their stays in Green Bay — at least outside of the practice squad — will be over.

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