Cincinnati Bengals should have new attitude for 50th season – Cincinnati Benegals News

Cincinnati Bengals should have new attitude for 50th season – Cincinnati Benegals News

Going into season 50 is a special time for Bengals fans. This should be the year things come together and dreams are finally realized.

There should be a sense of pride like no other year. This is arguably the most important season the Bengals are starting. When put into perspective, Cincinnati has endured the storm and still produced a line of memories that can make the toughest fans tear up. But, the 2017 campaign needs to be special. This should be a year that makes fans proud to be a part of Bengals Nation.

Each year, there are tons of articles written about how good this team will be. And when those expectations are met, there’s still much to be desired.

Yes, it’s true. Bengals fans have become spoiled. After a string of winning seasons and playoff appearances, it all stopped. The abrupt withdrawal of postseason hopes and dreams was a lesson of sorts. It helped bring back the nightmarish memories of the Bungles and the Lost Decade. But, this franchise has come a long way since the dark ages. Now, it’s time to make good on the promises.

Owner Mike Brown has pledged his allegiance to bringing a Lombardi to the banks of the Ohio River. Maybe he honestly means it.

Setting The Tone 

Brown showed compassion and fortitude. He backed his players when they were being sliced and diced by experts and backroom analysts. In short, he was there for Adam Jones when Jones wasn’t there for himself. Not to mention, the bold draft of Joe Mixon and his defiant stance towards defending the rookie. After all, Mixon was the best fit for the Bengals (yes, I’m biased). Draft the kid and let him play. It happened.

The Bengals…

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