5 Star Hero has potential new anthem for club – New Orleans Saints News

5 Star Hero has potential new anthem for club – New Orleans Saints News

The New Orleans Saints need a new anthem and city native 5 Star Hero could be the answer to replace an old, tired tune in the Superdome.

Let’s be honest, folks. It’s time to replace the Ying Yang Twins’ “Stand Up” anthem every time the Saints get ready to score or are at least threatening in the red zone. Besides, Ying Yang Twins are from Atlanta, right? Hmmm …

WDD caught up with New Orleans’ own 5 Star Hero, who has made waves recently with his latest entry, a rally anthem for the Saints.

Robert Gagnier: When did you first release the Saints anthem song?

5 Star Hero: It was initially released last season, but my Mardi gra song was hot, and the Saints anthem kind of went the way the fans felt at the time toward the team, which was iffy at best. So when the Saints went on to go 7-9 once again, it affected the song.

RG: What inspired you to make the Saints Anthem Song?

5SH: Well, my first anthem piece that I did for the Saints was back in 2013, and it happened on accident. I was in the studio going through some beats playing around on the microphone and things kind of went from there.

RG: It’s obvious that the Saints organization and all others across the league pay their players and coaches very well, up to millions of dollars per season. What are your thoughts about trying to get this piece to play in the Mercedes-Benz Super Dome either before, during, or after a contest?

5SH: Well, anytime a song comes along that can help to market the product of football either on or off the field, there is value to that. If my anthem is played, the crowd will feed from that, and in turn the players may feed off the energy…

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