19 observations from #TexansCamp: Day 5 – Houston Texans News

19 observations from #TexansCamp: Day 5 – Houston Texans News

The Texans got in one final day of workouts before a welcomed day off on Monday. As Shakeel Rashad told me, though, it’s not really a day off as much as it is a day of recovery. Very well said, my man. Either way, here are my observations from the day’s workout.

1. Linebacker Brian Cushing had the hit of camp when he delivered a loud, substantial blow to one of the Texans running backs on an inside run. Cushing came downhill and delivered a shot that reverberated off the mountains.

2. Whitney Mercilus certainly does not have the hair that Benardrick McKinney has, then again, who does? Either way, Whit would’ve posted a big number of sacks on the day had he been allowed to hit and sack the quarterback. He’s such an accomplished rusher and he’s tough to block from either side of the formation. Regardless, I wrote in my notes “sack/rush 59, would’ve been a sack”.

3. By the way, I completely laughed out loud when Mercilus called McKinney “a minion” because of his hair. So funny. If you haven’t seen the interview B Mac did with our own Deepi Sidhu, it’s a riot. You can see it below.

4. The offense strung together one of its best drives during the latter stages of practice. I have in my notes 18 plays, but I think I missed a few along the way. D’Onta Foreman capped it off with a short touchdown run after Tom Savage led the team all the way down the field. The offense did get an interference call on fourth down, and it was a legit PI that kept the long drive alive.

5. A handful of veterans got the day off and Coach O’Brien talked about that philosophy yesterday with the assembled media. It’s…

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