Quin seeing ‘180’ culture shift with Lions – Detroit Lions News

Quin seeing ‘180’ culture shift with Lions – Detroit Lions News

Playing deep in the secondary gives safety Glover Quin a vantage point on everything that happens in front of him in the Detroit Lions’ defense. There isn’t much that doesn’t catch his eye.

The position has given Quin a comfort level that he’s been able to share with teammates in the four years he has been his unit’s quarterback and guiding hand.

Quin’s experience lets him broaden his overall view beyond the field to provide a wide perspective on how things have changed since he signed with the Lions as a high-value free agent in 2013.

As Quin begins training camp in his fifth season as a Lion – and his ninth in the NFL after playing his first four seasons with the Houston Texans – he can reflect on a seismic culture shift that makes the Lions of 2017 unrecognizable compared to the Lions of 2013.

As is the case every season, there have been numerous player personnel changes on defense from a year ago, from drafting Jarrad Davis in the first round as starting middle linebacker to signing veteran free agents to add depth across the board.

But nothing has been more striking for Quin than the change in culture.

What seemed like a throwaway question asked Saturday on reporting day for veterans provoked a detailed, passionate response from Quin that touched on everything from changing attitudes of the players to renovations of Ford Field and the Allen Park facility that directly impact the players.

“Oh, man – it’s a complete 180 from the first day I got here until now,” Quin said. “The culture around the team, the attitude around the team, the vibe around the team – totally different. Guys are…

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