New York Giants News, 7/30: McAdoo Talks Playbook, More Headlines – New York Giants News

New York Giants News, 7/30: McAdoo Talks Playbook, More Headlines – New York Giants News

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo took a ton of criticism, a good bit of it from this web site, for the lack of creativity in the team’s offense a year ago. Saturday, McAdoo said that how deep you go into the playbook really depends on the players you have.

“The playbook is the playbook we go through each year. We add, we take out, we change it and we correct it. We do a lot of different things with the playbook,” McAdoo said. “It’s there if you need it. If you have the players you feel like that can execute what you need to get done, you use it. If not, you put it on the shelf and you pick and choose what you use each and every year.

“We can play doubleheaders for three years with that playbook. We need to. It’s all there if we need it, but we have to let the players determine what we use and what we need.”

That seems to make it apparent that McAdoo felt handcuffed by what he had, or didn’t have, on offense a season ago.

The 2017 season should be different. It was just one practice, but on Saturday we saw much more variety in terms of formations and personnel packages. One of the fascinating stories of the year will be how McAdoo deploys his improved offensive arsenal.

Saturday offered us just a small hint.

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“It was pretty interesting. A couple of…

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