Eli Manning should skip 2017 preseason – New York Giants News

Eli Manning should skip 2017 preseason – New York Giants News

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning should be shut down once preseason games roll around, as only bad things can happen during those contests.

Unless you’ve decided to completely ignore NFL previews for whatever reasons, you’re probably aware a plethora of respected observers are predicting big things for the 2017 New York Giants. Some are even going so far as to suggest Big Blue could win the Super Bowl, and at least one person believes New York quarterback Eli Manning could be an MVP candidate by the time the holiday season concludes.

Manning, of course, is no stranger to this portion of the year. The 36-year old who has been the starting quarterback for the Giants since the fall of 2004 hasn’t ever been known to be the fastest or most agile offensive player in the league, and the wear and tear that comes with being a veteran of 13 years of pro football is bound to slow him down every now and again.

Thus, it wasn’t all that surprising to learn the Giants have elected to put Manning on a “pitch count” during summer training camp sessions: From ESPN’s Jordan Raanan:

“You can call it a pitch count. You can frame it like that, you can frame it however you like,” general manager Jerry Reese said Thursday, some 24 hours before the Giants’ first practice of training camp. “That’s a good way to frame it if you like.”

Reese added:

“We want to make sure that he is fresh in the games late in the year and hopefully going into the playoffs. We want him to be fresh and ready to go.”

This is a logical step to take for reasons that go beyond Manning’s age and whatever he has left in the figurative tank….

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