Can a run-first team be successful? – Jacksonville Jaguars News

Can a run-first team be successful? – Jacksonville Jaguars News

It’s no secret that the Jacksonville Jaguars are going to run the ball more with Leonard Fournette. But will it disrupt the pass-first NFL?

The Jacksonville Jaguars are emphasizing the running game in training camp according to Mark Long of the Associated Press. The question is, can a running team win in a pass dominated NFL?

Coach Marrone is centered on a run-first offense. There are three reasons that this may not be successful. First, the NFL made numerous rule changes during the past few years to promote a pass dominated league. Next, the most successful teams are built around franchise quarterbacks. Finally, fans expect a high scoring shoot out.


The NFL changed the rules during recent years. The quarterback is afforded much more protection and in many cases can hardly be touched. There are many roughing the passer penalties called and it has been a trend recognized for the better part of a decade. Wide receivers are protected by rules concerning hitting defenseless pass catchers.

These rules are to protect players but make it difficult for defensive players who must always be aware of them even when at full speed. It makes passing more appealing when yards can be picked up in big chunks and as teams look to keep the defense on its heels.


A quick look at each division tells the story. The top teams were: The New England Patriots with Tom Brady, Pittsburgh Steelers with Ben Rothlesburger, Dallas Cowboys with Dak Prescott, Seattle Seahawks with Russell Wilson, Green Bay Packers with Aaron Rogers, and Atlanta Falcons with Matt Ryan. This is a who’s who of top…

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