Bengals image and recovering from major injuries – Cincinnati Benegals News

Bengals image and recovering from major injuries – Cincinnati Benegals News

The idea that Cincinnati is not only giving rookie Joe Mixon a shot at the NFL but a significant role within their offense, despite documented history of violence and overreactions (hitting a woman and an altercation with a parking attendant), corresponds with owner Mike Brown’s approach in similar circumstances. The Redeemer, who exemplifies compassion when making public comments, provided a similar tone on Tuesday when discussing Mixon.

“He’s a young guy. He turned 21 [on Monday]. The incident that he was involved in was three years ago,” Bengals owner Mike Brown said. “He made a terrible mistake. He struck a young woman. He hurt her badly. It was a reflexive action in my mind, when I see the tape of it. I just think he acted without thought. But it was a terrible result.”

Aside from “terrible result” sounding not unlike a reaction after missing a five-foot putt, Brown accurately surmises that the Bengals are “going to bet on him. It’s up to him to prove that’s what it was. He’s going to be watched carefully forever more because of it. I think he will hold up. I really do. But only time will tell.”

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Clearly Mixon will be shielding his eyes from a spotlight emitted by concerned fans and a controversy-loving national media (that enjoys old anti-Bengals tropes… looking at you Bob Costas). If he’s unable to keep his emotions under control, which nearly derailed his collegiate career, then his NFL career becomes much more complicated.

Worse still is the Bengals will struggle to shed this…

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