Bakhtiari breaks out the belt – Green Bay Packers News

Bakhtiari breaks out the belt – Green Bay Packers News

GREEN BAY – David Bakhtiari laid down the challenge to Mike Daniels and the rest of the Packers’ defensive front well before training camp even started.

Looking to spice up training-camp practices and pass a little time during the summer months, the Pro Bowl left tackle sent a text to his teammate of his latest purchase.

Pictured was a WWE world heavyweight championship belt, complete with a Packers nameplate and matching studs.

“I bought a WWE heavyweight championship belt just to have a little more fun in the run-blocking stations,” Bakhtiari said. “This just kind of helps us take our mind off it and add a little more competition because the last thing we want is to be lethargic out there and have Coach screaming at us and telling us to redo it again or any of that.”

As the Packers put the pads on for the first time Saturday, Bakhtiari strutted onto Nitschke Field with the gold belt draped on his right shoulder, ready for all-comers in line drills.

The idea naturally resonated with Daniels, a WWE fan and close friend of current tag-team champion Ettore “Big E” Ewen, with whom he played at the University of Iowa.

“I love it, man,” Daniels said. “He texted me when he bought the belt. He said, ‘OK, Mike D, this is it. This is for us, man.’ I knew exactly where he was coming from. It’s all about bringing that great competition.”

Daniels has been vocal about increasing the Packers’ intensity in recent years. The introduction of a championship belt to the offensive and defensive front rivalry fits perfectly with that mentality.

The playful – yet passionate – war of words between…

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