Why Jets grabbing Cowboys’ garbage is jerk move of the week – Dallas Cowboys News

Why Jets grabbing Cowboys’ garbage is jerk move of the week – Dallas Cowboys News

Leave it to the Jets to be the biggest jerks in the room.

On Monday, Dallas Cowboys receiver Lucky Whitehead was falsely linked to a shoplifting case. Whitehead, who seems like a real handful off the field, denied he had anything to do with it, but within hours, Dallas released him. He was fired, even when cops later admitted they had made a mistake, that they were looking for someone else. Whitehead was innocent. And now unemployed.

The Jets claimed Lucky Whitehead this week and will bring him to training camp.

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Yet the Cowboys stood by their decision. On Tuesday, head coach Jason Garrett justified Whitehead’s release as being “in the best interest of the Dallas Cowboys. We’re standing by that decision. We’re going to move on.”

Over the course of his three minutes of availability, Garrett repeated some form of that canned statement 10 times like a pre-programmed jerk-bot. Jerry Jones was testy with the media, too, blasting reporters for killing him when he stands up for players and hitting him now, when he didn’t.

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“If you all have done one thing in my time to criticize me, it is how I will back up a player to a fault,” Jones said. “You’ve done it. You’ve done it for years. I will back ’em up to a fault.”

Jones is right. He has been a huge jerk with this stuff forever. He was criticized when he vouched for Greg Hardy, called him a team leader, and minimized his crimes off the field. The Cowboys have stood by bad dudes…

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