Terrell Suggs is Ravens’ ‘Alpha Male,’ and He’s Embracing His Role – Baltimroe Ravens News

Terrell Suggs is Ravens’ ‘Alpha Male,’ and He’s Embracing His Role – Baltimroe Ravens News

Mike Wallace is never shy when it comes to trash talking his teammates in practice or letting them know how great he thinks he is.

But when it comes to veteran outside linebacker Terrell Suggs, Wallace defers.

“He is our team leader,” Wallace said. “We have a lot of guys that have big voices on the team, but when it comes down to it, he is the alpha male on our team.”

Suggs, 34, is going into his 15th season. He’s played coy for the last few years when talking about how much longer he plans to play, but he knows his time is nearing an end. And he seems to be taking more time to embrace his role as the team’s elder statesman.

Suggs likes to go off to his home in Arizona to spend the offseason months, but he spent this year in Baltimore training during the team’s voluntary conditioning program.

Having him in the building sent a message to everyone else on the roster.

“His work ethic has risen a tremendous amount,” defensive tackle Brandon Williams said. “You never knew he could do that, but it’s gotten better. He’s in here, working hard, motivating a lot more, talking to young guys, pulling guys aside. He’s digging his roots deeper into the defense and team to be more of a leader. He’s leading by example.”

Suggs has always been a big presence on and off the field. His booming voice echoes throughout the Under Armour Performance Center, and he’s typically chiding someone on the practice field. But he’s gone from more of the class clown to student body president, and he understands the younger players are taking notice of everything he does.

“I think you lead by example,” Suggs said…

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