Stampede Mailbag: Will Marlon Mack overtake Frank Gore in 2017? – Indianapolis Colts News

Stampede Mailbag: Will Marlon Mack overtake Frank Gore in 2017? – Indianapolis Colts News

The Indianapolis Colts will report to training camp today and we are merely hours away from the first official practice of the 2017 season. We are still questioning everything we hear and are ready for some real answers — ready to see where the road takes this roster after months of speculation.

Until then, let’s kick back and enjoy the last moments of stress free ‘offseason’ before we get into the real deal. Thank you all for your questions, and next week’s Stampede Mailbag will be presented on the Colts Cast as opposed to article form. Enjoy.

Scott Johnson

When do you think Peyton manning to the colts front office will happen? I know there was some serious chatter and speculation about it this off season.

Scott, I have to be honest with you here. I don’t think that’s happening, possibly ever. Whether or not there were legitimate discussions specifically pertaining to Manning taking a front office role with the Colts, I can’t say either way, but Chris Ballard is not a guy that you just throw away. I know a lot of people think that a Ballard/Manning combination is possible, however, I don’t think that would ever work.

We saw Jimmy Raye accept a job as the VP of football operations with the Houston Texans soon after Ballard was hired. There was some talk that he was not happy that he was passed over for the job – nor would anyone with a proud bone in their body – and though he was highly respected within the organization, he was ready to move on. He was a professional about it and didn’t make a stink, and it didn’t get a ton of attention.

Can you imagine how thick the atmosphere would be…

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