Sounds like we know who had better be coaching the Bears next year – Chicago Bears News

Sounds like we know who had better be coaching the Bears next year – Chicago Bears News

Run for your lives, everybody, it’s a snarknado:

Earlier this week, Bears coach John Fox told WSCR-AM 670 he doesn’t feel comfortable being himself in front of cameras, and I’m thinking, if only Fox felt like being Bill Walsh on the sidelines.

But guess what: There is a guy who does feel like being Bill Walsh on the sideline, or at least feels like being Jon Gruden, and that’s Jon Gruden himself.

A couple days ago, Gruden told the Pewter Report, a website that that covers the Buccaneers, that he wants to get back into coaching, and look at that timing: The Bears sure look like they’ll be in the business of hiring of a new coach next year.

I’d certainly want Gruden to coach Mitch Trubisky instead of watching and fearing Dowell Loggains and John Fox do it, but we’ve heard this before with Gruden. In fact, we seem to hear this every year with Gruden, and then he always ends up back on TV telling us how great every player on every team everywhere is. Gruden is the boy who cried quarterback.

But here’s the deal: While Gruden’s neediness hits the level of All-Pro insecurity, we are obligated to get sucked into the Real Househusbands of ESPN Football drama because that’s nothing compared to the Hall-of-Fame psychotherapy for which the Bears quarterback position screams.

I mean, Fox opened camp by indicating he wants a better passing game, and I’m thinking, then why are you starting a passer who lost his starting job to Josh McCown?

Mike Glennon said Mark Sanchez’s sense of humor in the quarterbacks room is…

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