New Orleans Saints take notice of alarming CTE study – New Orleans Saints News

New Orleans Saints take notice of alarming CTE study – New Orleans Saints News

A report on chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) published earlier in the week by The Journal of the American Medical Association commanded the national spotlight. 

The research reflected staggering numbers, as CTE, a progressive neurodegeneration disease associated with repeated blows to the head, was discovered in 110 of 111 (99 percent) brain samples from deceased NFL players. 

And the somber revelation was not lost on some members of the New Orleans Saints

“The high number,” defensive end Darryl Tapp said with a deep sigh on his initial reaction to hearing of the study. 

Tapp admits he hasn’t read the entire report, but he plans to go over the study on CTE, which can cause depression, memory loss and violent mood swings, among other issues, according to various studies. 

Still, Tapp understands that he participates in a high-impact sport that comes with the risk of head injuries. 

“Things like that happen on a football field — this is a violent sport — but it does make you think about life after football a little bit, how your mental health and that aspect is doing,” Tapp said. “It’s definitely an interesting study. I will dive more into it when we get a few off days and once we break camp.” 

When the 12-year NFL veteran has the opportunity to review the study, he will discover the research went beyond his professional peer group. 

According to the report, a survey of examinations was conducted on the brains of 202 deceased former football players and CTE was neuropathologically diagnosed in 177 (87 percent). 

The numbers included 110 NFL players, seven of eight players from the Canadian…

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