How the Raiders should handle Donald Penn’s contract situation – Oakland Raiders News

How the Raiders should handle Donald Penn’s contract situation – Oakland Raiders News

Oakland Raiders starting left tackle Donald Penn is not being paid like a top-10 left tackle. Not even close.

According to Over The Cap’s breakdown of the highest-paid left tackles in the NFL in terms of average money per year, Penn actually ranks No. 20 for his entire contract. For just 2017, he ranks No. 15 in the league with a salary cap value of $7.15 million. In short, it makes sense for him to be upset and looking for more money.

But on the flip side, the Raiders also have plenty of ground to stand on themselves. Penn is 34 years old and the veteran agreed to his contract just last offseason.

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So with Penn now holding out of Raiders training camp, the question becomes how the team should handle this moving forward. Obviously, not having your left tackle heading into camp and possibly the preseason is a pretty terrible situation. But, if the two sides can put their heads together, they should find somewhat of an easy way to work this out, hopefully.

What the Raiders should do

Holdouts are always tricky situations, but in order for Penn to be paid like a top-1o left tackle, he’d need to be making a little more than $2 million this season. If the Raiders opted to give him a $2 million pay increase this season and give him another year on his deal which paid him a big number (the pay for left tackles on average jumps quite a bit in 2018) to around $11.5 million, Penn would almost certainly be happy.

But, the Raiders would need an out. That deal above…

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