Fans want it, but is it wise to pay Devonta Freeman? – Atlanta Falcons News

Fans want it, but is it wise to pay Devonta Freeman? – Atlanta Falcons News

While the fans all want running back Devonta Freeman locked up long term, is it wise for the Atlanta Falcons to invest heavily in the position he plays?

Devonta Freeman isn’t at a loss for supporters. The Atlanta Falcons running back has become a fan favorite, and it seems as though his agent isn’t the only one wanting him to see a lot of green in the near future.

D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitutional released a poll asking fan how much they think their star running back is worth, and discussed two of the options available in the poll.

“The Falcons negotiations will be complicated by Pittsburgh’s Le’veon Bell’s decision to reject a five-year, $60 million contact offer. He did not report to camp and has not signed his franchise tag of $12.12 million. Currently, McCoy has the highest running back contract, a five-year $40 million deal signed on March 8, 2015.” — Ledbetter

While not many of the fans though the rejected Le’veon Bell contract was right, they did feel as though Freeman has earned the same amount of money as LeSean McCoy. The question though remains, is it the right move?

Is it wise?

Sure, Freeman has been electrifying, but it’s not like he plays the most stable position. Three of the names on the poll of Ledbetter’s have underperformed on their deals. Chris Ivory of the Jacksonville Jaguars signed a five-year $32 million deal and will be replaced after one year by the fourth-overall pick Leaonard Fournette.

Houston Texans running back Lamar Miller was good, but not great after inking a $26 million agreement for four seasons. He’s also was banged up a lot in 2016 —…

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