9 Things I Want To See By The End Of Texans Training Camp « CBS Houston – Houston Texans News

9 Things I Want To See By The End Of Texans Training Camp « CBS Houston – Houston Texans News

NOT THE GREENBRIER, WEST VIRGINIA (CBS HOUSTON) In case you haven’t heard me whine about it yet, I have some sad news for you. Paul Gallant – the venerable, professional, fact driven sports journalist who certainly never brags about having played high school football at the lowest level of Florida or dominating co-ed flag football leagues in the Houston area – will not be there.

I know. I know. It’s a tremendous loss for Houston Texans fans. Nay, America. Perhaps even the world.

Yes, all the other shows of SportsRadio 610 are going. But don’t worry! I’m totally not bitter about the fact that I’ll be staying here in our 100 degree home while all the other shows get a work-paid vacation at one of the (supposedly, assuming they have good cannibal defenses) better resorts in the United States. In fact, I’m excited! Because the BEST way to test one’s football knowledge is coming up with hot takes based on the observations of others thousands of miles away!

A few Gallant at Night shows ago, I began a countdown of all the things I want the Texans to solve by the end of Training Camp. And since I’m horrible at mental math and wrote down the wrong day for the start of camp on my calendar the Texans have won 9 games 3 years in a row, I picked 9 things:

9. Who will win between Novak & Fairbairn?

The Texans have been stashing former Groza award winner Ka’imi Fairbairn for a reason. Can he beat out Nick Novak?

Did you know that Nick Novak was tied for the second most field goal attempts in the NFL last season (41)? Did you also know that he was automatic on every attempt 39 yards and under (24-24)? He…

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