5 observations from Bears practice Saturday – Chicago Bears News

5 observations from Bears practice Saturday – Chicago Bears News

The Bears on Saturday held their first practice in pads, pulling back the curtain for fans to see their new quarterbacks in the most intense session of the year so far. That means it’s time for our annual series of daily practice observations. 

First, the annual reminder: A lot happens during a two-hour practice, and these are just snapshots. Players are trying different techniques and working through mistakes in an attempt to get better. They deserve leeway in that process as we examine what happens on the fields of Olivet Nazarene University. 

That said, it was nice to finally see something closer to real football. Here are two quarterback observations, plus three more about guys at other positions.

1. Rookie Mitch Trubisky and veteran center Taylor Boggs struggled with the center-quarterback exchange from under center at first. 

Trubisky’s first two reps in team drills ended with fumbled snaps. The sixth one wasn’t clean either. It was an obvious reminder of the developmental work ahead of the second-overall draft pick, who operated almost exclusively out of the shotgun at North Carolina.

“I was kind of frustrated,” he said, “because I kind of wasted a team session right there and I didn’t allow myself or my teammates to get better.”

On the first fumble, safety DeAndre Houston-Carson aggressively ran up to the line of scrimmage just before the snap. That’s the type action defenses will throw at the rookie to test his poise and fundamentals.

“I just lost focus there for a period of time,” Trubisky said, “and then I was starting to overthink it, and…

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