New England Patriots: Jacoby Brissett Film Breakdown – New England Patriots News

New England Patriots: Jacoby Brissett Film Breakdown – New England Patriots News

Breaking down film from New England Patriots quarterback Jacoby Brissett’s rookie season.

The New England Patriots will house three quarterbacks on their roster for the second year in a row. Last Friday, ESPN’s Mike Reiss wrote that the team would keep second-year quarterback Jacoby Brissett “in the mix” for the 2017 season. Brissett currently sits third on the depth chart behind starter Tom Brady and back up Jimmy Garoppolo. With question marks surrounding Brady and Garoppolo’s future, the Patriots will keep their 2016 third-round pick in the fold for another year.

Brissett started two games for New England last season following Garoppolo’s Week 2 shoulder injury. He posted a 1-1 record in his first two career starts and collected 400 yards passing, 83 rushing, and one touchdown run.

Although he wasn’t a star, Brissett did an adequate job in relief for Garoppolo and earned enough experience to help aid his development.

Let’s take a look at how the Patriots rookie quarterback fared last season.

via GIPHY – Jacoby Brissett to Martellus Bennett for 58 yards.

According to Sharp Football Stats, Jacoby Brissett was 2/4 for 74 yards with a passer rating of 96 when targeting deep right field last season. The play shown above is a good indication of why. Brissett uses a touch pass to loft the ball over double-coverage and connects with Martellus Bennett. Adding more power to the pass would’ve prevented Bennett from having to let up on his route and jump, although, he was still able to get yardage after the pass. In the future, Brissett should aim ahead of his receiver and lead them open on vertical routes.


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