The three-game road swing isn’t all that uncommon – Denver Broncos News

The three-game road swing isn’t all that uncommon – Denver Broncos News

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Why is it that the Broncos have three road games in a row again? They had the same scenario just a few years ago (I believe it was the 2014 or 2013 season). And, I believe they’re the only team in the NFL that has three road games in a row. The NFL scheduling just doesn’t seem fair when this happens (to any team as far as that is concerned).

— Bill Steinbach

First of all, the Broncos are not the only team with three consecutive road games this season. Six others have similar road swings:

Atlanta (Weeks 7-9)
Cincinnati (Weeks 9-11)
Minnesota (Weeks 12-14)
New England (Weeks 13-15)
Philadelphia (Weeks 13-15)
San Francisco (Weeks 4-6)

The Raiders also play three consecutive games away from Oakland, although one is a home game that will be moved to Mexico City. They also have a bye week in the middle of that stretch, which means they will go 37 days without a home game between their Oct. 19 against against the Chiefs and their Nov. 26 game against the Broncos.

Is it ideal? No. The Broncos went 0-3 in a three-game road swing in 2010. They went 1-2 in a similar stretch four years later. Even the 1997 team that won Super Bowl XXXII lost two games of three consecutive contests it played away from Denver. It is a daunting scenario, no matter which teams you play.

But it is something you can expect to see, perhaps more often as more games are played outside of North America, which could lead to a bit less scheduling flexibility. Further,…

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