The Jaguars should hire Dave Gettleman, fire Dave Caldwell – Jacksonville Jaguars News

The Jaguars should hire Dave Gettleman, fire Dave Caldwell – Jacksonville Jaguars News

Let me start this off by saying, there is almost a zero percent chance this will happen. That being said, this would be a ballsy move the Jacksonville Jaguars should absolutely make.

Dave Gettleman was fired today by the Carolina Panthers, who parted ways with Gettleman for reasons that have not been relayed to the public yet. Speculation would assume that Gettleman, and others in management had enough disagreements on certain issues that they decided the best thing to do was part ways with the 66 year old general manager.

Gettleman was named the Panthers’ general manager in 2013, the same year Dave Caldwell was named to the same position for the Jaguars. In the time since, the Panthers have gone 40-23-1, including a Super Bowl appearance, and three division titles. In that same time, the Jaguars have gone 15-49. In fact, the Panthers worsts season Gettleman’s tenure, where they went 6-10, was a better record than the Jaguars have had during any season in Caldwell’s tenure.

While one can say Gettleman inherited a roster with the likes of Cam Newton, Luke Kuechley, Thomas Davis, Jonathon Stewart, and Matt Khalil, the Panthers were also in salary cap hell in 2013. Gettleman was able to get the team out of that hell with low key signings, and a good draft record over his time there.

The 2015 Panthers roster that went to the Super Bowl had its share of stars, including Cam Newton and his MVP season. However, one of the most impressive parts of the roster was the guys they got on the fringes, who helped fill holes on the roster reasonably well. Some fo those guys included Michael Oher, Ted Ginn Jr, Ed Dickson, Jerricho…

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