Stephon Gilmore quietly disses Buffalo Bills on Twitter – Buffalo Bills News

Stephon Gilmore quietly disses Buffalo Bills on Twitter – Buffalo Bills News

It wasn’t a direct diss by Stephon Gilmore on Twitter, but every Buffalo Bills’ fan knew what he was hinting at when he said it.

If you ask Stephon Gilmore, he will tell you he’s the best cornerback in the league. If you ask any Buffalo Bills’ fan who has watched him play the past five years, they’re not impressed. If you ask me, his contributions can be duplicated by just about any cornerback, given the chance.

On Monday, Gilmore took to Twitter to show a little excitement about the season. Bills’ fans aren’t stupid though, and can smell a diss from a mile away.

What was our response?

You can’t strut into Bills’ territory as a first-round draft pick, play average football throughout your rookie contract and then demand top-cornerback money. And then when you don’t get it, go to a rival and act like you’re supposed to be there.

That’s not how it works. If you ask me, Nate Clements was actually worth the money back in 2007, but even he wasn’t given the big contract.

Granted, he ended up signing the biggest contract by a defensive player that offseason with the 49ers. I can’t imagine Buffalo signing an 8-year, $80 million contract with any player ever.

Still, Nate Clements had a much better career with the Buffalo Bills, but wasn’t given the big contract. If anything, I would’ve been pissed if they had given it to Gilmore.

Stephon Gilmore had an okay 5 years in Buffalo. He’s definitely got a lot of talent, but he never looked like he wanted to be out there playing…

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