Sorting Out the New Orleans Saints’ Running Backs – New Orleans Saints News

Sorting Out the New Orleans Saints’ Running Backs – New Orleans Saints News

It’s commonly-accepted knowledge that most NFL coaches hate — or at least don’t understand or care about — fantasy football. New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton is definitely in the latter camp, but running back Mark Ingram might have a case that Payton belongs in the former.

Payton is notorious for his week-to-week offensive game plans that highlight a different player, making it nigh impossible for fantasy players to predict in which game any Saint will blow up. Even worse, he seems to have an irrational fear of using Ingram as a true lead running back for more than a few games at a time, and only in emergencies.

Fantasy owners have been begging for Ingram, the top New Orleans’ back in recent years, to get a true lead back workload for quite a while, so the Saints responded as we’d expect: they went out in 2017 and signed Adrian Peterson and drafted Alvin Kamara.

How do we handle the frustrating-once-more Saints’ backfield this year for fantasy purposes?

Haters Gonna Hate: Mark Ingram

Like the Greek myth of Sisyphus, Ingram is forever chained to this Saints’ team (or at least through the next two seasons) and seems to be forever punished for — well, who knows what. All we know is that the Saints don’t like affording Ingram 250 touches a year, which is why 2016’s year-end total of 251 touches was just the second time in a six-year career that he matched that mark.

Since he led the backfield in touches each of the last few years, we can assume for now that Ingram is still the main man for the Saints. However, with the offseason acquisitions of a former superstar rusher and a…

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