Remembering the Indianapolis Colts’ Welcome to The Hoosier Dome – Indianapolis Colts News

Remembering the Indianapolis Colts’ Welcome to The Hoosier Dome – Indianapolis Colts News

[Indianapolis Monthly]

The first game of the 1984 regular season wasn’t like any other kick off game for the Colts. It would be their first ever game in Indianapolis and in turn the 61,000 capacity Hoosier Dome. Not enough for the 143,000 season ticket requests anyway, adding up to about 3% of Indiana’s population at the time. It was obvious that the first few games at the dome were going to excite and anger the fans. Demand was massive to cram into the Dome to witness Indiana’s team play the first ever regular season NFL game in the state. A win was desperately desired by the fans, and they wanted it sooner rather than later. It was up to Frank Kush’s side to allow that to happen in the state of the art stadium the Colts had been gifted.

After a win over the New York Giants at the Dome in the pre-season, the first real game came against their cross town rivals, the New York Jets. After a scoreless first quarter, running back Curtis Dickey scored the first ever regular season points for the Indianapolis Colts with a 3-yard rush. The sold out stadium erupted, and many thought they were in for a win in the inaugural game. The Jets had the score at 16-7 by the start of the 4th quarter, however, and despite an attempted comeback after Frank Middleton scored on another 3-yard rush, the Colts would fumble just minutes later, which was then swiftly returned for a touchdown. The Jets would seal the game as 23-14 winners, and a game categorized by 5 turnovers from the Colts would end in defeat. The Colts would have to wait another week for that famous victory.

In an away game against the Houston Oilers the next week,…

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